Jennifer Lawrence with close ups. 

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Hannah L

Hi! I have started (what should be) a week long project on my biggest inspirations. If you are interested in seeing the work I admire you can follow the project as it gets posted here.

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and Happy Mothers Day from the 3 of us! 

- Hannah L. 

Bill Murray as Steve Zissou

Getting excited about The Grand Budapest Hotel, so here is the first of some Wes Anderson inspired portraits,(had to start with Murray of course) which I will release separately over the weekend. Hope you like!  

- Hannah G

Hay everyone! 

I have a sketchbook that is soon to be travelling around the US over the next few months. The sketchbook contains all original drawings and is part of a library full of a lot of other peoples sketchbooks. 

You can find the tour dates HERE or come and ask ME if and where the tour is coming to you. 

The tour kicks off in Brooklyn on the 14th March at The Brooklyn Art Library

If you get to visit the tour please come and let me know, and let me know where you’re from! I’m so excited my work will be travelling to places I’ve never been to! 

If you can’t make it you can still see the sketchbook in the Digital Library  (and leave a comment ^_^) or see altered versions on my blog

Best wishes!

Hannah L


I got inspired by all the old work redraws I kept seeing on here so here is mine. Original on the top from my last year at college so roughly five years old now. Think I will have to do some more as this was really fun :)

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-Hannah G

Handmade galaxy print leggings


T shirt/Textile design. 

- Hannah L